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Flirt with other hot Flirtopians, build comfort and attract them. Chat using over 90,000 lines of fun dialogue.


Go on dates in the trendiest spots and in far away locations!


Style yourself with high fashion, casual wear, make-up, facial hair, tattoos and hair styles. The choice is yours!


You are part of an interplanetary scientific expedition in search of the most powerful energy force in the universe: a Living Organisms Volatile Emotions (L.O.V.E.).

Your goal is to assume human form, blend into the planetary population and harvest as much of this energy force as possible! Be warned, however as this force is believed to be a by-product of the attraction between gender-based lifeforms … things may get messy!

You will need to communicate, engage, socialize and interact with these beings in ways that seem alien to you at first. But remember, you are not alone… Your fellow scientists will be available to advise you along the way, and the’ve promised not to laugh!

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